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2005 LGB Product Announcments
By Jo Anne DeKeles
Jan 28, 2005, 00:01

Products, specifications and availability dates are subject to change without notice. Some products are not available in all markets and at all retailers. Some products shown are pre-production prototypes. LGB, RIGI, GNOMY, LGB of America, LEHMANN and the LGB TOYTRAIN logotype are registered trademarks of Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk, Germany. Other trademarks are the property of their owners. (c) 2005 Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk.

00111 - LGB Depesche, English
LGB Depesche is the official magazine of Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk, the maker of LGB-The Big Train. Published four times each year, LGB Depesche includes the information you need to build and operate your own LGB layout. You'll get expert tips on LGB maintenance and collecting, and you'll find details on the latest LGB trains and the real trains they model. And all of this comes on 68-plus pages with beautiful graphics and photos! English-language edition.
00160 - MTS Journal, English/German
In this new Multi-Train System guide, each MTS component is presented in words and pictures with practical examples to show you how to use and install them. It's your personal guide to bringing the benefits of digital, multi-train operation to your layout!
00305 - LGB Service CD, V

With this CD-ROM, it's easy to identify the LGB parts you need! Includes exploded parts drawings for hundreds of LGB products produced up to 2004. For Mac, Windows and more.

00711 - LGB/(c)Disney Brochure 2005
This new flyer contains a complete overview of the LGB/(c)Disney program. You'll see the innovative Disney Train Adventure Set, Disney locomotives and rolling stock, including all the new items for 2005! It's available at your authorized LGB retailer. Or get it directly from Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk or LGB of America.
00725 - LGB Guide Book II, English/German
In this updated guide book, you'll find the information you need to build your own World of LGB! It includes advanced track plans, layout construction techniques and even tips on selecting plants for your layout. You'll be inspired by the beautiful layout photos and assisted by the expert operating advice. It's an essential reference for every LGB layout owner!
00755 - MTS DVD II, G/E/F
With this DVD, you'll learn how to create and expand your own LGB Multi-Train System layout. Step-by-step, you'll see how to connect and use MTS components.
00760 - LGB Roadbed Brochure
This handy flyer gives you a quick overview of the innovative, new LGB roadbed system. This practical, all-weather system allows you to easily create LGB layouts. The brochure is available directly from Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk, from LGB of America or at your local, authorized LGB retailer.
01905 - LGB Info 2005, English/German

This quick-reference leaflet illustrates all the new-for-2005 LGB products with clearly organized photos and article numbers.
03905 - LGB Journal 2005, English/German

In this 100-plus page publication, you'll find the new LGB products for 2005 described in detail. You'll learn about LGB Tours, the new LGB Depesche magazine and more. Plus, it includes a pictorial overview of the complete LGB program!
07905 - RIGI(r) Catalog 2005, G/E/F/SP
Come and play with a RIGI cableway! These aerial tramways are an ideal addition to your LGB layout, but they can be used anywhere, like in a child's bedroom. You can choose from hand, battery and transformer powered RIGIs, and every RIGI has working features like opening gondola doors and hatches. You'll find the complete RIGI program, including the big, new RIGI II cableway, in this colorful catalog. Get it free at your authorized LGB retailer!
09905 - TOYTRAIN Catalog 2005, G/E/F/SP
LGB TOYTRAIN trains are the economical way to enter the World of LGB! Start with an LGB TOYTRAIN starter set. Each one includes a rugged steam or diesel loco, passenger or freight cars plus track and everything else you need. Best of all, LGB TOYTRAIN trains and track are compatible with LGB trains and track! You'll find the complete LGB TOYTRAIN program in this colorful catalog. Get it free at your authorized LGB retailer!
10006 - Rail Sections, 3 m
With these ultra-long (9.8 foot) rail sections, you have more freedom to create your own, ultimate LGB layout. Create longer, wider-radius curves or impressively long straights, all with fewer joints than ever. Use with 10003 Tie Sections. (These rail sections are packed in cartons of 20.)
20050 - Snoopy Joe Cool(r) Surfer

Styling in his sunglasses, Joe Cool (a.k.a., Snoopy) waits for the perfect wave. Turn the throttle and he "rides" the wave down the rails. Will he crash in the surf? Or make it to the beach? It's fun for the whole family to find out! Peanuts(c) United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
20271 - RhB Heidi G 3/4 Steam Loco

For many years, the Rhätische Bahn employed G 3/4 series steam locomotives for road and switching duties. This beautiful LGB model, the first LGB model of an RhB steam loco, brings a new era to LGB RhB fans. The model is a detailed replica of the original "Heidi," including opening cab doors and detailed boiler backhead. Technical features include automatic directional lighting and a working smoke generator. Plus, it is equipped with an onboard LGB Multi-Train System decoder for fuss-free operation on both analog and MTS layouts. With this beautiful reproduction, you can have a Swiss railroading legend on your own layout!
20490 - Amtrak Genesis Diesel Loco, Phase III

Amtrak's "Genesis" AMD103 diesel locos are the most modern and popular passenger locomotives in America today. In addition to the advanced technology under the hood, the Genesis features futuristic styling that distinguishes it from traditional American diesels.

With this LGB replica of the AMD103, you can bring your own American passenger operations up to date. The superdetailed body features opening doors leading to the full cab interior. Twin Bühler motors provide plenty of power for long distance trains, and automatic directional lighting is standard. This model is equipped with a "DCC Decoder Interface" (see Page 87). Look for matching Amfleet passenger cars (see 30220, 30223 and 31220 on Page 38-39) coming in 2006.

20590 - Rü.KB HF 130 C Diesel Loco, 6003

The "Köf 6003" diesel loco is another interesting piece of motive power from the Deutsche Reichsbahn's Rügenschen Kleinbahnen. Naturally, it's perfect for switching. For example, it can marshal a passenger train of Rügen passenger cars (35353, 35354). But it's also realistic to use the loco to haul the freight cars of a work train. This beautiful LGB model has a completely furnished cab, which is illuminated to show off the detailed interior. Further equipment includes opening doors and functional lighting. For added pulling power, the model includes a traction tire.
21310 - DB Metropolitan Electric Loco, 101 131-1

The Deutsche Bahn's "101" series locos are among its most modern, and loco number 131 (along with a sister loco) were specially equipped for use on the "Metropolitan," a special train for business travelers on the Hamburg-Cologne line. In a variation from the DB norm, this loco received a special silver paint scheme and logo developed for this service. The combination makes it one of the most elegant of today's locomotives. This special LGB model includes automatic directional lighting, crew compartment lighting and opening doors. This unique model is available only by advance order through LGB eXtra System retailers. Orders must be placed by May 30, 2005, and a minimum of 500 orders is required for production. (In other countries, visit your authorized LGB retailer for availability information.) Courtesy of the Metropolitan/Deutsche Bahn AG.
21390 - RhB Museum ABe 4/4 Railcar, 34

At the request of many LGB fans, we present the Berninabahn number 34 railcar in its current, restored yellow livery. The lavish paint and detailing is complemented by the extensive working features, including twin drive motors and automatic directional exterior lighting. Of course, it also features detailed cab and interior furnishings, interior lighting and opening doors.

This version of this model is equipped with a "DCC Decoder Interface." It can be operated on traditional analog LGB layouts, or it can be equipped with a DCC decoder for use on digital layouts. (For more information, see Page 87.)

21392 - RhB Museum ABe 4/4 Railcar, 34, Sound
This model is like the 21390, but with two very important additions: an "onboard" LGB Multi-Train System decoder and LGB digital sound. The onboard decoder makes it easy to operate on both analog and LGB MTS layouts. The exclusive sound system authentically recreates the drive motor, whistle, braking and other sounds of the original.
21393 - RhB Museum ABe 4/4 Railcar, 34
This model is like the 21390 railcar, but it includes an "onboard" LGB Multi-Train System decoder. It's a great choice for hassle-free operation on your analog layout today and your LGB MTS layout in the future.
21470 - SBB Brünig HG 3/3 Rack Steam Loco, 1068

Between 1910 and 1926, the Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works (SLM) built 17 gear-driven rack steam locomotives for the Brünigbahn. Loco Number 1068 was one of these and operated for many years on the famous Interlaken-Luzern line. Together with the matching LGB wagons (31330 and 41330), you can now model a complete SBB narrow-gauge passenger train on your LGB layout. This LGB model has a fully functional gear drive mechanism, but it can also be used on conventional track sections. It also features automatic directional lighting, a smoke generator and DCC decoder interface (see Page 87).
21471 - SBB Brünig HG 3/3 Rack Steam Loco, 1068
This model is like the 21470 locomotive, but it includes an "onboard" LGB Multi-Train System decoder. It's a great choice for hassle-free operation on your analog layout today and your LGB MTS layout in the future. For more information, see Page 87.
21590 - DB Wangerooge Diesel Loco, 399 101-5

Cars are barred from the vacation island of Wangerooge on the north German coast, and that has guaranteed the existence of the island's narrow-gauge railroad. The line employs former military field railway "HF 130C" diesel locos, and to keep these aged locomotives in operation, they have been modernized. As part of that upgrade, they received new cabs, giving them a more modern look and giving the crew a more pleasant working environment. These Deutsche Bahn "399" series locos are much loved by the island's visitors, and this LGB model is an authentic replica of Number 399 101-5, including the updated cab.
22030 - PEANUTS(r) Motorcycle

What could be more fun than a ride in the country with Charlie Brown and his friends? There's room here for Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy and Woodstock along with all the other goodies you'll need. Just put it on the tracks, and let the adventure begin! Peanuts(c) United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
22232 - Great Northern 0-4-0 Steam Loco, Glacier, Sound
This Great Northern steam loco brings you the classic look of America's great steam locomotives. Coupled to a "Vanderbilt" style tender, a type used by many American railroads, this LGB model includes an electronic sound system with bell and whistle, directional lighting and a smoke generator. With this loco, you can haul short passenger trains or light freight consists.
22522 - ÖBB Diesel Loco, 2091.02, Sound

To reduce costs on its narrow-gauge lines, the Österreichischen Bundesbahnen (Austrian Federal Railways) procured the "2041" series of diesel locos, which were later called the "2091" series. The smaller hood covers a baggage compartment, reducing the need for a baggage car in the consist. This LGB model recreates 2091.02 in its original green livery and is equipped with twin Bühler motors for outstanding traction power. The impressive digital sound system includes starting, driving and braking sounds. Additional sounds can be triggered by remote control with the LGB Multi-Train System.
22711 - Zillertal Steam Loco, 2

The route of the Zillertalbahn through Austria's beautiful Ziller Valley is well known and well loved, as are the "U-series" steam locos that operate on the line. This LGB model is a faithful replica of the Zillertalbahn's "Nr. 2" loco and includes a completely detailed cab, automatic directional lighting, a smoke generator and onboard Multi-Train System decoder. It's a perfect match for the many Zillertalbahn cars in the LGB program.
22842 - Sachsen IV K Steam Loco, 132, Sound
In the 1980's, the Number 132 "Traditions-Lok" of the Saxonian IV K series was restored with an extremely attractive lacquer finish. Now, you can bring that beauty to your layout with this LGB model. Twin Bühler motors and proven LGB quality guarantee that this model will run as beautifully as it looks. And in addition to all the features of the 22841, this model also includes LGB's acclaimed digital electronics, with cylinder, bell, whistle, brake and other sounds, all remotely controllable with the LGB Multi-Train System.
23262 - DR Steam Loco, 994651, Sound

This series of locomotives, which were employed on the Rügen Island lines, are undoubtedly among Germany's most popular narrow-gauge locos. Following the 99 4652 (LGB 21261), we offer its sister locomotive, the 99 4651. But this model has more than a new number. It has LGB quality sound, including all the sounds of a real steam loco, like coal shoveling, braking and exhaust sounds. Plus, it has tremendous pulling power with two motors, one in the engine and one in the tender. Working doors open the way into the detailed cab.
23900 - Henschel MTS-DUO(r) Diesel Loco

Play like the professionals! This advanced LGB DUO system model makes that possible. It's the first LGB loco designed especially for LGB Multi-Train System users, and with it, you can couple and uncouple cars anywhere on your MTS layout without special tracks or couplers! Just push a function key on your LGB Universal Remote (55015) or Loco Remote (55016). The loco's front coupler hook lowers and the coupler loop pushes forward, releasing the loco from the car. Push the key again, and the hook and loop return to their original positions. Push another key for the same operations at the rear coupler. Roof mounted lights indicate which coupler is in operation. With the push of a button, you can engage the loco's half-speed mode for fine control during sensitive car movements. All these features make switching more fun than ever on your LGB MTS layout!
24380 - Chicago Streetcar

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, electrified streetcar lines blossomed across America, and in Chicago from 1914 to 1947, many separate lines operated under the unified management of the "Chicago Surface Lines." Following our models of New Orleans and New York streetcars, we offer this replica of a CSL streetcar with working details like opening doors, folding steps and automatic directional lighting. Plus, two Bühler motors provide power for steep city grades. It's perfect for streetcar enthusiasts and as an intriguing addition to your American layout.
26552 - Coca-Cola(r) Alco Diesel Loco, Sound

The colorful series of LGB Coca-Cola(r) trains has grown into an impressive roster with more and more collectors and fans. At their request, this Coca-Cola(r) design locomotive has been added to the lineup, featuring lavish, colorful livery on a massive American Alco diesel locomotive. Twin motors provide the power you need for your long Coke(r) trains while the onboard MTS decoder provides all the control you want. It has big diesel sound, and naturally, it has all the quality you expect from LGB! Production is limited to 500 pieces. COKE(r) brand products are produced under license for The Coca-Cola Company. (c) The Coca-Cola Company. All rights reserved.
26851 - CFV Mallet Steam Loco, 413

The Chemin de Fer du Vivarais winds through the deep ravines of the Ardèche region in France's Rhône Valley near Lyon. The tourist railway runs 33 km between Tournon and Lamaster, and it employs loco Number 413. Once known as the "The Red Mallet," this loco has since been repainted in classic black livery, and this LGB model captures the loco in its current color. On the inside, twin Bühler motors and six powered axles provide plenty of pulling power for any LGB layout. And since it's equipped with an "onboard" Multi-Train System decoder, this big model can do its work equally well on both traditional analog and LGB MTS layouts. Opening doors lead to a fully detailed cab. Automatic directional lighting and a working smoke generator make it an even more impressive sight!
27402 - RhB 75 Years Glacier Express Ge 6/6 Electric Loco, 412, Sound
When you think of the Rhätische Bahn's spectacular Glacier Express, thoughts of the "Crocodile" come immediately to mind. For years, the "Rhätische Krokodil" locomotive pulled these trains, and in celebration of the line's 75th anniversary in 2005, we offer Ge 6/6 number 412 in unique anniversary livery. (It's so unique, we can't even show you here. It's a surprise!) Of course, this LGB quality reproduction also offers the features that has made the LGB Crocodile an award winner and fan favorite: twin Bühler motors, functional pantographs, automatic directional lighting, sliding windows and opening doors. Plus, it reproduces the actual sound of the real locomotive. Hear it and see it on your layout!
27410 - RhB Tractor Loco Tm 2/2, 92
At many Rhätische Bahn stations, these Tm 2/2 "Traktor" locos are used for assembling trains. This LGB model not only offers a unique loco number, 92, but an enclosed platform with working, jalousie-style doors. With automatic directional lighting and a powerful motor, the model is perfect for switching duties on your RhB layout.
27430 - RhB Ge 4/4 II Electric Loco, 618

Introduced in 1973, this series of locos is still in use today on the Rhätische Bahn, and to make sure these 30-year-old machines can still fulfill their key transportation tasks, they have been extensively upgraded. Outwardly, the most obvious change is the move from round to rectangular headlights, and this LGB model reproduces that change and the authentic current livery of Number 618. The motorized pantographs automatically raise and lower to match the direction of travel. The lanterns also change color, white or red, according to the direction of travel. The twin cabs and passageways are detailed and decorated.
27432 - RhB Ge 4/4 II Electric Loco, 622, Sound
For years, the Rhätische Bahn's Arosa Express was pulled exclusively by Ge 4/4 II locomotives. First placed in service in 1973, these locomotives were completely overhauled, and in this process, the round lanterns were replaced with rectangular lights. This unique LGB model of Number 622 is the first with the new lights and corresponds to the current prototype. However, the beautiful blue livery was specially requested by many LGB customers. Includes automatic motorized pantographs and digital electronic sound.
30220 - Amtrak Amfleet Coach, 21161

Amfleet cars are a staple of Amtrak passenger trains, and you can create realistic consists on your LGB layout with this authentic Amfleet coach. Use it with the Amtrak Genesis locomotive (20490). Phase III livery. Available 2006.
30223 - Amtrak Amfleet Coach, 21285
This authentic replica of an Amfleet passenger coach brings variety to your Amtrak consists with a unique car number. The detailed livery and lettering shows the car as it appeared for years in regular service. It's an important part of your modern American layout. Phase III livery. Available 2006.
30310 - DB 2nd Class Passenger Car, Bim 263

The "Bim 263" series passenger coaches were built by PFA in Weiden and are still employed today in premium "IC" passenger trains. They wear ICE-style livery and can be seen on all the major German routes. Some even circulate in other countries, like Switzerland, Austria, France and the Benelux countries. With this LGB model, you can replicate today's express train traffic, and it is an appropriate addition to any train led by a DB "101" series loco (20310). Of course, the model has opening doors and interior furnishings.
30510 - RhB 2nd Class Passenger Car, EW IV, B2495

This authentic replica of the Rhätische Bahn's modern standard "IV" coach is painted in the current livery of the RhB and can be used together with other RhB coaches in express trains. Like other LGB passenger cars, this model negotiates every radius of LGB track. A completely detailed interior and functional interior lighting are also standard equipment. The large sliding/pivoting doors open.
30550 - RhB La Bucunada Personenwagen, C 114

This type of twin-axle passenger coach was once common on the Rhätische Bahn's Bernina line. After they were retired from passenger service, they continued to serve as work cars. Recently, one of those cars, the "Bucunada," was painstakingly restored by "Club 1889" ( and is operated with its equally yellow stable mate, the Bernina railcar ABe 3/3 34, on special trains. The LGB model replicates the restored car and includes interior furnishings and opening doors.
31075 - Murtal Passenger Car, Ci 63, StLB - LGB

The Murtalbahn uses both four-axle and short, two-axle passenger coaches, and one of the real-life, two-axle coaches has been decorated for LGB-The Big Train! The car is a symbol of the many close relationships between Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk, the maker of LGB trains, and the real railroads you can model with LGB trains. Of course, we offer a replica of this beautiful coach, and we heartily recommend it for every LGB layout. Opening doors and interior seating.
31220 - Amtrak Amfleet Cafe Car, 43014, City of San Diego

To supply commuters and travelers with beverages and light snacks, Amtrak includes these café cars in its passenger consists. This LGB model is an authentic reproduction of car number 43014 - "City of San Diego" - and features opening doors. Phase III livery. Available 2006.
31330 - SBB Brünig 3rd Class Passenger Car, 618

This fascinating LGB model offers travel from a bygone era. In Europe, three-axle cars were once common, and this third class coach replicates one from Switzerland's Brünigbahn. The rich livery of the model is matched by the fine detailing. The center axle can move, allowing the car to negotiate the smallest radius LGB track sections. Employ it on your layout together with the SBB Brünig HG 3/3 Rack Steam Loco (21470) and the SBB Brünig Baggage Car, 1511 (41330).
31510 - RhB Bernina Express 2nd Class Passenger Car, EW IV

When the Rhätische Bahn urgently needed new, modern passenger coaches, it developed the "Einheitswagen IV" series, which was gradually delivered to the line beginning in 1992-1993. The shortened "EW IV" cars can be used both on the main network lines and the Bernina line, and they were used immediately on the Bernina Express. This LGB model is a faithful replica of a second class car, and for service on the Bernina Express, it received red livery with an anthracite coal color stripe across the windows. This LGB model is equipped with metal wheel sets, interior lighting and interior furnishings.
32253 - Christmas Sightseeing Car, 2 pieces

Open passenger cars offer a unique railroading experience. But can you enjoy them in the winter? Of course. On sunny winter days, travelers wrap themselves in warm clothing and enjoy the snowy landscape. Both of these cars are festively decorated with lots of room for friends and family. The car doors can be opened and the seats reversed to suit the direction of travel.
32420 - Zillertal Keg Car

Yes, this car actually operates on Austria's Zillertalbahn! You can sit comfortably with friends in the barrel or get a drink at the small bar in the attached compartment. This beloved LGB model, which returns to our program at the request of many customers, is an accurate replica of this unique car. You can even take off the top of the barrel to add passengers to the detailed interior.
32660 - Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn Panorama Car
The MGB was born of the merger of the FO (Furka-Oberalp-Bahn) and the BVZ (Brig-Visp-Zermatt Bahn). The world-famous Glacier Express operates on the MGB line from Zermatt to Disentis and then continues from Disentis on the RhB. On this line, travelers enjoy large, modern panorama cars. These comfortable cars feature very large windows that allow tourists to gaze across the spectacular landscape. In 2005, the Glacier Express celebrates its 125th anniversary, and this special LGB/MGB model will be decorated with surprise anniversary livery that won't be revealed until the model is actually produced!
33700 - DB Jever/Wangerooge 2nd Class Passenger Car, 63109

On the Wangerooge Island railway, numerous narrow-gauge passenger coaches are employed, including many where the sides are rented for advertising. The famous north German beer, Jever, advertises on these cars to remind vacationers of the local brew. Naturally, this model is a perfect match for the DB Wangerooge Diesel Loco, 399 101-5 (21590).
33733 - HSB-Schierker Feuerstein Passenger Car, KB 900-473

In 2004, we offered the HSB Hasseröder Passenger Car (34730), and in 2005, we bring you another advertising car from the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen. Schierker Feuerstein is a potato liquor, which is made in the area where the HSB operates. This model, an essential for your HSB layout, has opening doors and interior seating.
33805 - (c)Disney Passenger Car, Coney Island
The Disneyland Railroad uses closed, four-axle passenger coaches in consists with color-coordinated rolling stock. The white cars are lavishly ornamented and wear the names of famous vacation spots. This car joins the (c)Disney Passenger Car, Long Island (33804) in the LGB collection of these coaches. Of course, the doors can be opened, and there is seating for guests in the interior.
33807 - (c)Disney Passenger Car, Durango

The richly decorated passenger coaches of the Disneyland Railroad system are deployed in color-coordinated consists. This colorful car, named the "Durango," is the first LGB model depicting the green-and-yellow Disney livery and begins a new color series in the LGB/Disneyland Railroad program. Make sure you have one for your LGB layout! Opening doors and interior furnishings.
34510 - RhB 1st Class Passenger Car, EW IV, A1275

Together with the "EW IV" second class car, this matching first class car lets you model the modern trains of Switzerland's Rhätische Bahn, like the "Heidi Express," on your own LGB layout. However, on the RhB network the consists are rarely pure, and passenger trains can often be found with EW IV cars combined with older RhB tourist cars. This model replicates a first class coach in its current livery and offers opening doors and interior seating. Available early 2006.
35353 - Rügen Passenger Car, 970-758
From the Saxonian narrow gauge lines, the Rügen Local Railways received not only locomotives, but also passenger cars. Over the years, those cars were reconstructed, most notably with new windows. This model replicates one of those cars with authentic livery and a complete interior. Use it with LGB Rügen locos, like the 99 4652 and 99 4633 (LGB 21261 and 28001). Metal wheels.
35354 - Rügen Passenger Car, 970-783

With this LGB model, an additional authentic coach is available to fans of the Rügen Island route. After the takeover of the line by the Deutsche Reichsbahn, the green cars of the Rü.KB. were still used. Later, a new color was employed, like that found on the Rügen Passenger Car, 970-758 (35353). Then for a long time, both color cars could be found on passenger trains of the Rügen line. This authentic model has opening doors and interior furnishings.
35355 - DB Passenger Car, KB 970-407

The modern Deutsche Bahn, until recently, still operated a few narrow-gauge lines. For example, on its 750 mm gauge Saxonian lines, the DB employed these reconstructed passenger coaches. With this model, the operations of these routes can be recreated. The faithfully reproduced model includes an interior and opening doors.
36676 - RhB Passenger Car, EW I, B2454

Finally, here it is: a second-class coach in the current colors of the Rhätische Bahn. With it, you can complete your RhB passenger trains with what is the most important type of coach on the RhB. The model is equipped with metal wheels and includes interior seating and lighting. Of course, the doors can be opened.
37078 - Christmas Passenger Car, 2005

Many museum railways use short, twin-axle cars like these, but this coach, with its lavish Christmas decorations, is something unique. Even the icicles hanging from the roof have been reproduced on this festive LGB model. The end doors and side railings can be opened.
37674 - RhB Arosa Express 2nd Class Passenger Car
A small, but sweet, Swiss treat, the Arosa Express rises from the Rhätische Bahn station in Chur and claws up the Alps to the tourist town of Arosa. In total, the line climbs 1157 meters in just 26 kilometers. Detailed, lighted interior with on/off switch and voltage stabilization. This special LGB model has the prototypical markings of a "2. Klasse" coach, like the 37670, but with a different car number and appropriate maintenance markings.
39074 - Stainzer Lokalbahn "Flascherlzug" Car, Bi 36

In Austria, the "Flascherlzug" (Bottle Train) is legendary, and the short, twin-axle LGB Bottle Train coaches have become popular among collectors. This model lets you add to or start your own Bottle Train and features interior furnishings, opening end doors and side gates.
40045 - PRR Ore Car Set II, 4 pieces

Railroads use hundreds of these short, four-axle cars in "unit trains" of identical cars to transport coal and other bulk materials over long distances. With these replicas, you can model one of those trains on your own LGB layout. The set contains four cars, each with different car numbers. The convincing detailing includes PRR lettering and a simulated load. The unloading gates can be opened. This set is the perfect match for the PRR Ore Car set (40040) offered in 2004, and together, you can assemble a truly impressive train.
40267 - Apollinaris Car
Apollinaris -- "The Queen of Table Waters" -- bubbles with natural carbonation from the volcanic rock of the Eifel Mountains. Made in an exclusive series of 800 models, this wagon is available at LGB eXtra Partner retailers in LGB eXtra countries. This Special Edition car is the first of its kind to be factory equipped with metal wheel sets, and of course, it's fully detailed with opening cargo doors, opening brakeman's doors, grab rails and brake hoses. It will look beautiful on your layout or in your collection! (In other countries, visit your authorized LGB retailer for availability information.)
40406 - Leuna Tank Car

Many oil companies have their own fleets of tank cars, which are then hauled by the railroads. Since they own the cars, the oil companies can use them for advertising, and from the early days, Germany's Leuna did just that. This model, equipped with metal wheel sets, is an accurate reproduction of one of those tankers. The tank can be filled and emptied.
40793 - SF CE5 Caboose

Over the vast expanses of the American West, freight trains always included a caboose in which the crew could rest and relax. This model, decorated in the older Santa Fe "Mineral Red" livery, includes interior furnishings, lighting and metal wheels. Get one, and add a piece of the west to your LGB layout.
40890 - RhB Container Car, Lb-v 7869
This two-axle container car is part of the Rhätische Bahn's newest generation of freight cars. They enable efficient freight traffic, and the containers, with their varied markings, provide colorful accents to RhB trains. Both parts of this LGB model, the car and the container, are completely new designs. The chassis of the car replicates the cutaway frame of the prototype. The container is lettered for the Calanda brewery. Metal wheels.
41000 - Steiff(r) Christmas Car

LGB trains with Steiff(r) bears are already a great tradition, and with the arrival of the Steiff Christmas Stainz Loco (24211) in 2004, a new LGB/Steiff series began. For 2005, we offer the first wagon in the series, a flat car covered with snow on which a cuddly bear pushes a sled. It's a unique holiday decoration for your home or LGB layout!
41040 - NYC Ore Car, 4907

Like many lines, the New York Central employed these short, four-axle cars to transport heavy bulk materials. The detailed lettering on this authentic model replicates car number 4907. The detailing continues with hand wheels, steps, ladders and rails. The unloading hatches on this working model can be opened.
41043 - NYC Ore Car, 4818
For the many lovers of this unique car, who would like to add more authentic models to their LGB layout, we offer this car with car number 4818 in addition to car number 4907 (41040). The distinctive New York Central logo and livery will make it a highlight of your LGB layout.
41235 - DR Gondola with Tarpaulin, 97-19-28
Four-wheel gondolas were employed throughout the Deutsche Reichsbahn to carry all kinds of goods, and tarpaulins were used to protect moisture-sensitive freight on those gondolas. Bring that unique look to your LGB DR layout with this realistic replica.
41330 - SBB Brünig Baggage Car, 1511

This SBB Brünigbahn baggage car matches the 31330 passenger coach. The authentic model also has a three-axle chassis with a movable center axle. The front and large side doors can be opened. These cars operated on the famous line from Interlaken to Luzern.
41350 - Leikeim Beer Car
This unique wagon is decorated with the livery of the famous Leikeim brewery. Opening doors make it practical, but the detailed lithography makes it beautiful. It's available in LGB eXtra countries at LGB eXtra Partner retailers. In other countries, visit your authorized LGB retailer for availability information.
41615 - DB Cargo MTS Self-Unloading Car, 6734062-2

These cars, which are often used in sets of multiple units, are employed by railways to transport bulk materials, like ballast, to construction sites. This LGB model is a faithful replica of one of those Deutsche Bahn wagons, but it also has a special feature: a motorized side wall that can be opened for unloading by remote control! Load the car at the station, take it to a construction site, empty it and return it! An MTS decoder is built into the metal-wheeled car, and you can operate the mechanism on an LGB Multi-Train System layout using a Loco Remote (55016) or Universal Remote (55015). The model is also equipped with changeable buffers: dual buffers for use with the modern DB 101 series locos (20310) and single buffers for use with other locos.
42040 - WP&Y Ore Car, 4 pieces

Alaska has changed since the days of Jack London. Originally built to bring gold rush prospectors from Skagway to the interior, the White Pass & Yukon soon began transporting all kinds of mineral ore, and with this big set, you can model modern ore traffic of the WP&Y on your own LGB layout. The cars come complete with loads, and the unloading hatches can be opened.
42520 - HSB Baggage Car, 905-154

In 2004, for the first time, we offered a special LGB car available only at fairs attended by Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk and LGB of America. That RhB "Relax" car was a big hit with LGB fans, and for 2005, we will again offer a special car exclusively at fairs: a twin-axle, HSB baggage car. We invite you to come, meet us and get this unique LGB model at these 2005 events:
42560 - Krupp MTS Hot Metal Car, 426

At steel factories, large quantities of molten metals must be transported. For this purpose, these beefy four-axle hot metal cars were developed. The kettles are filled from above and emptied by tilting the entire kettle. This LGB model has authentic Krupp's markings and details, and something special: a motorized kettle that can be tilted by remote control on an LGB Multi-Train System layout using a Loco Remote (55016) or Universal Remote (55015). An MTS decoder is built into the car, and metal wheels provide power pick-up.
42633 - DR Boxcar, GGw 99-52-55

At the frequent request of DR fans, we offer a new variation of the Bautzen design in Deutsche Reichsbahn livery, based on the DR Flatcar, SSm 99-04-76 (45623). Of course, the doors of the brakeman's hut can be opened.
42930 - CP 50 ft. Steel Boxcar

Even with the coming of containerization, fleets of boxcars still carry tons and tons of freight across North America. This LGB model wears the prototypical livery of CP Rail (a.k.a., the Canadian Pacific railroad) and gives you another LGB quality option for your modern train roster. Opening doors.
43580 - RhB Depressed Center Car

For carrying large, heavy loads, most railroads have specialized depressed center cars. The Rhätische Bahn, even though it is a narrow-gauge (1 meter) line, uses them also, and this LGB model is marked like those on the RhB. Sixteen wheels on four trucks support a massive pivoting frame for hauling your heaviest freight.
43823 - Morton Salt(r) Center Flow Hopper

There's hardly a more spectacular sight than an endless American freight train. With multiple locos and miles of cars, these massive trains symbolize the sheer size of the American continent. To model these on your LGB layout, you need a big variety of cars, like this unique salt carrier with opening roof hatches and unloading gates.
43873 - Coca-Cola(r) Modern Tank Car

With lavish, full color printing, this big tanker is a true gem in the LGB Coca-Cola(r) collection. Put it in a showcase, or better yet, run it on your LGB layout! COKE(r) brand products are produced under license for The Coca-Cola Company. (c) The Coca-Cola Company. All rights reserved.
43930 - BN 50 ft. Steel Boxcar

The Burlington Northern, now part of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, is one of America's largest freight carriers and employs fleets of these 50-foot boxcars. As a result, the distinctive BN logo is associated with freight trains across the continent. This LGB model is a faithful replica of the original, including opening loading doors.
44355 - Berlin City Car
This impressively lithographed model is decorated with images of the most famous landmarks of Berlin, reunited Germany's capital city. Production of this beautiful model is limited to 800 pieces. It is available in LGB eXtra countries at LGB eXtra Partner retailers. (In other countries, visit your authorized LGB retailer for availability information.)
44610 - PEANUTS(r) Great Pumpkin Car

Everyone knows Snoopy and his friends, and LGB fans have come to know the beautifully decorated Peanuts(r) cars in the LGB assortment. This year brings a beautiful new model illustrated with Woodstock, Linus, Lucy, Sally and others...including Snoopy, of course! A party is sure to break out as the gang prepares to celebrate Halloween and the coming of the Great Pumpkin! Peanuts(c) United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
44755 - Christmas Drover's Caboose

This magnificent car is the ideal addition for your "Weihnachtszug." This festively decorated caboose can carry your holiday guests plus a full load of luggage and gifts. From the cupola, all can enjoy a unique view. The model is equipped with interior furnishings, interior lighting, metal wheel sets and opening doors.
44823 - Coca-Cola(r) Center Flow Hopper

These modern bulk carriers, with their large side panels, are outstanding as rolling billboards. This LGB model carries unique Coca-Cola(r) graphics and is a colorful addition to your Coca-Cola(r) collection. COKE(r) brand products are produced under license for The Coca-Cola Company. (c) The Coca-Cola Company. All rights reserved.
44890 - RhB Engadin Container Car

Even though it is a relatively small railroad, Switzerland's Rhätische Bahn is still very modern, employing increasing numbers and types of container cars. In addition to conventional containers, the line uses refrigerated "Kühlcontainer" containers for perishable foods. Now you can add the first "Cooltainer" in the LGB program to your own roster of RhB container cars. With authentic livery, it's a must for any modern RhB layout.
45120 - BP(r) Olex Tank Car

BP, one of the world's best known oil companies, transports its products frequently by rail, and its many tankers can be found on railroads everywhere. For safety, these cars are equipped with parking brakes, and older cars also included a brakeman's hut. This LGB model is a replica of one of those cars, complete with opening doors.
45253 - RhB Cement Silo Car, 8026

With this new model, we have responded to the requests of LGB friends who have asked for new variations of the Rhätische Bahn's popular silo cars. Of course, the numbering and lettering of this car is authentic, but we have also made mold changes to faithfully reproduce the original. It's an essential addition to your roster of LGB RhB "Mohrenköpf" wagons.
45404 - biff(r) Tank Car

This two-axle tank car is the latest in the popular "Henkel" series of LGB models and a must for your collection. Just like the other cars in this series, the "biff" car features lavish printing and detailing. In Germany, this Special Edition model is available exclusively from "Idee + Spiel" toy retailers.
45650 - D&RGW Caboose

The Denver & Rio Grande Western, despite its small size, still ranks as one of the most famous railroads in North American history. Fans of the Rio Grande can capture a bit of that heritage with this LGB caboose in classic D&RGW livery, including the famous yellow paint, Rio Grande logo and lettering.
46672 - Coca-Cola(r) Melody Boxcar

An ideal addition to your Coca-Cola(r) roster is this very unusual boxcar. Not only is it beautiful outside, but inside, there's something else beautiful. The built-in, digital sound system plays the famous "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" melody, a lovely message for friends and family alike. COKE(r) brand products are produced under license for The Coca-Cola Company. (c) The Coca-Cola Company. All rights reserved.
46693 - FO Self-Unloading Car, Fad 4855

The Furka Oberalpbahn procured modern self-unloading cars for crushed stone transport. This LGB model is an authentic replica of number 4855 with details like grab rails, steps, hand wheels and four working unloading flaps.
46810 - RhB Post Car, 5546

For Switzerland's Rhätische Bahn, the postal service is its most important freight customer, and until their recent replacement by container cars, these typical four-wheel wagons were the chosen carriers of postal traffic. The opening doors on this LGB model let you load and carry the mail on your own RhB layout.
46820 - D&RGW Center Flow Hopper

With large bulk materials cars like this one, marked in the colors of the Denver & Rio Grande Western, modern railroads can handle the demands of today's freight customers, safely transporting weather sensitive goods from seller to buyer.
48760 - Christmas Hopper Car

No Christmas would be complete without decorations on the tree. This beautifully decorated Christmas hopper carries five beautiful ball ornaments. Add it to your train and get the ornaments to the tree on time!
48790 - SP Steel Caboose

For long freight trains, the caboose was once an indispensable companion, and the Southern Pacific employed large numbers of them. This LGB model is a beautiful reproduction with opening doors, interior furnishings, interior lighting and metal wheels.
61000 - Roadbed, straight, 300 mm

This roadbed can be used with the following straight sections in the LGB track program: 10000 (1 required), 10600 (2 required), 10610 (4 required).

61004 - Roadbed for 10040
Roadbed for 10040 Straight Track, 41 mm.

61005 - Roadbed for 10050
Roadbed for 10050 Straight Track, 52 mm.

61007 - Roadbed for 10070
Roadbed for 10070 Straight Track, 75 mm.

61008 - Roadbed for 10080
Roadbed for 10080 Straight Track, 82 mm.

61015 - Roadbed for 10150
Roadbed for 10150 Straight Track, 150 mm.

61100 - Roadbed for 11000

Roadbed for 11000 Curved Track, R1, 30°.

61102 - Roadbed for 11020
Roadbed for 11020 Curved Track, R1, 15°.

61104 - Roadbed for 11040
Roadbed for 11040 Curved Track, R1, 7.5°.

61115 - Roadbed for 11152
Roadbed for 11152 Insulated Track, Double, R1.

61200 - Roadbed for 12000/12050

This roadbed can be used for a 12000 Manual Switch, Right, R1 or a 12050 Electric Switch, Right, R1.

61210 - Roadbed for 12100/12150

This roadbed can be used for a 12100 Manual Switch, Left, R1 or a 12150 Electric Switch, Left, R1.

61226 - Roadbed for 12260
Roadbed for a 12260 Electric Double-Slip Switch.

61236 - Roadbed for 12360
Roadbed for a 12360 Electric Three-Way Switch.

61300 - Roadbed for 13000
Roadbed for a 13000 Crossing, 30°.

61310 - Roadbed for 13100
Roadbed for a 13100 Crossing, 90°.

61320 - Roadbed for 13200
Roadbed for a 13200 Crossing, R3, 22.5°.

61500 - Roadbed for 15000
Roadbed for a 15000 Curved Track, R2, 30°.

61600 - Roadbed for 16000
Roadbed for a 16000 Curved Track, R3, 22.5°.

61605 - Roadbed for 16050
Roadbed for a 16050 Electric Switch, Right, R3.

61615 - Roadbed for 16150
Roadbed for a 16150 Electric Switch, Left, R3.

61750 - Roadbed Installation Kit
With this kit, it's easy to use the innovative LGB roadbed system. The clear and colorful instructions included with the kit tell you everything you need to know about preparing and installing the roadbed sections. All the individual sections are shown, and step-by-step examples make it simple to install LGB roadbed on your layout. The kit also includes cutting templates, adhesive and two cutting knives for special applications.

61802 - Roadbed, curved, 7.5º, R5
This roadbed can be used with the following curved sections in the LGB track program: 18020 (1 required), 18000 (2 required).

61805 - Roadbed for 18050
Roadbed for a 18050 Manual Switch, Right, R5.

61815 - Roadbed for 18150
Roadbed for a 18150 Manual Switch, Left, R5.

89080 - RIGI(r) II Cableway, Manual

The long-running series of LGB RIGI(r) aerial tramways are a classic part of the LGB program and can be found on LGB layouts around the world. RIGI II brings that tradition up to date with a bigger, more modern gondola, a detailed replica of those now employed in popular skiing and tourist areas. Just set up the stations and turn the crank to transport your passengers from the trains below to the mountains above!
90315 - (c)Disney Big Thunder Mt. Starter Set, 230 Volt

With this exciting new set, it's easy to enter the World of LGB! Everything you need is right in the box! You get a small, but powerful, steam loco and two passenger cars, styled like those on Disney's Big Thunder Mountain ride. There's an oval of LGB track, throttle, quick-connect cables and a safety approved power pack. You don't need any tools. Just unpack it, plug it all together and let the fun begin!
92315 - (c)Disney Big Thunder Mt. Starter Set, 120 Volt
Same as 90315, but with a 120 volt power pack.
94168 - (c)Disney Dumbo Car
What would a Disney park be without the famous Disney characters? One, of course, is Dumbo, and he loves to ride on the Disney Railroad. To make that possible, the LGB crew has created this special carriage. As the train goes down the track, Dumbo can lift his head through the roof and look at all the wonderful things there are to see!
94192 - (c)Disney Nemo Car

Once again, Nemo is trying to find his way home, but this time, he's getting help from his LGB friends. For rail travel, he needs a special aquarium car, and as it rolls down the track, Nemo leaps out to see his friends. Get it and join Nemo on his journey home!
94308 - HARIBO(r) Dynamite Car
Colorful HARIBO(r) gummi bear candies can be found in supermarkets in Europe and around the world! This LGB HARIBO(r) wagon looks just as delicious, and it offers some special fun for kids of all ages: If it hits a track bumper or another car too fast, it flies to pieces right in front of your eyes! But don't worry, it's easy to put back together. So the fun can start all over again! Available exclusively in Germany at VEDES retailers. (In other countries, visit your authorized LGB retailer for availability information.) (c) HARIBO GmbH & Co. KG (r) HARIBO Licensed by BAVARIA SONOR, 82031 Geiselgasteig
94480 - AGIP(r) Tank Car

LGB TOYTRAIN freight cars are unique and colorful...and made for hardworking play! This handsome car wears the livery of the famous AGIP oil company, and the tank can be filled and emptied ... just like a real tank car!

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