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  • A Beginners Questions

    Answers to the most comman questions that people just getting started ask.

    1. Are there beginner sets available?
    2. Can I run these trains inside?
    3. Do I have to do anything special to run these trains outside?
    4. Do I leave things outside, or do I have to bring them in?
    5. How hard is it to maintain a Large Scale Railroad?
    6. How long does it take to build my railroad?
    7. How much space is this going to take?
    8. What does Large Scale, Garden Railways, G scale all mean?
    9. What is the most important part of a Large Scale Railroad?
    10. What kinds of costs are associated with Large Scale Railroads?
    11. Where can I build my railroad?
    12. Who are the major manufacturers?
    13. Will all these trains work together?

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